Welcome to the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Every five years, the Australian Government consolidates and renews its policy approach to national research infrastructure investment by engaging the research community and its stakeholders in the development of a strategic roadmap.

For the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, we have designed a consultation process that will be delivered mostly online, to pre-empt any issues with COVID-19 related border closures.

In the months ahead, we will be inviting you to respond to a survey, and to take part in a variety of facilitated meetings and online brainstorms. The insights you share will inform the development of an Exposure Draft for the Roadmap.

Later in the year, we will be asking you to provide feedback on the Exposure Draft via submissions uploaded to this website. The submissions portal will only be opened after the Exposure Draft is released.

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2021 Roadmap consultations coming soon

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  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Final
  • Identifying the needs

    A nationally circulated survey will collect insights from the research community and its stakeholders around what they think about the national research infrastructure now, and what they’re likely to need from it in the future.

  • Exploring the solutions

    Through a series of facilitated meetings and online brainstorms, the research community and its stakeholders will share their input into how the national research infrastructure should evolve in response to the needs, trends and challenges identified.

  • Developing the exposure draft

    Informed by the ideas and discoveries of the consultation process to date, an Exposure Draft of the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap will be developed and released for public comment.

  • Collecting feedback

    The Exposure Draft will be published on the website and stakeholders asked to provide feedback via online submissions. Those submissions will guide the development of a final draft to be presented by the Expert Working Group to the Australian Government.

  • Government response

    The Australian Government will respond to the recommendations of the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap through its 2022 Research Infrastructure Investment Plan.

Roadmap stories & news

Check out the success stories from the 2016 Roadmap and see what we’re discovering in the 2021 Roadmap.


Media Release: New roadmap for Australian research infrastructure

Media Release by The Hon Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Education and Youth and The Hon Christian Porter MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.

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Helping mango farmers improve their harvest

Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) supported researchers from Central Queensland University to develop “FruitMaps”, which translates sensor data from mango farms to help farmers make the best decisions.

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Uncovering a new layer of history in southwest Victoria

A research project aligned an ancient volcanic eruption with oral traditions from the local Gunditjmara people, which means they may be the longest-lived traditions in the world.

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National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) supports the excellence of the Australian research community through a network of world-class research infrastructure.

NCRIS currently supports 22 funded projects, plus pilot projects and an international membership.

NCRIS Facilities Map
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“We need to think beyond the limits of the present, with as much foresight as we can muster, and we need to be prepared for the unexpected. The National Research Infrastructure Roadmap allows us the opportunity to devise a plan that will be useful and relevant not just five years from now, but into the future.”

Dr Cathy Foley AO PSM
Chief Scientist