Survey Industry report

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. Almost 3,000 people responded generating a rich body of insights into how the research and industry sectors are currently interacting with Australia’s NRI, what they need from it now and in the future, and what they see as the emerging trends and challenges.

Some quick stats and facts

  • 2, 936 people completed the survey
  • 69% of respondents currently use or interact with Australia’s NRI. The most common reasons participants gave for using or interacting with NRI are:
    • research resources/products (53%)
    • equipment/kit (47%)
    • expertise or advice (39%)
    • collected data for research (34%)
  • 55% of respondents who used NRI felt that it met all or most of their needs
  • 31% of respondents reported they did not currently use or interact with Australia’s NRI; of these, 54% reported that they didn’t know about it.

We will continue to analyse the large amount of data the survey produced, and over the next few weeks will explore solutions to some of the issues raised using the next steps in the consultation process. These include the Industry Engagement Ideas Jam, as well as collecting your feedback on two of the key Scoping Study activities undertaken since the 2016 Roadmap.

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