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What is the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap?2021-05-14T00:00:53+00:00

Australia’s national research infrastructure is supported by a policy framework regarded internationally as best-in-class. 

Every five years, the Australian Government consolidates and renews its policy approach to the national research infrastructure by engaging the research community and its stakeholders in the development of a strategic roadmap. 

In 2021, the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap process will engage researchers and other stakeholders across a range of innovative online platforms, making it possible for everyone to contribute in the format that suits them best.

Read more about the 2021 Roadmap.

Who can participate in the 2021 Roadmap?2021-05-05T01:43:08+00:00

The Roadmap is a public process open to anyone with an interest in the topics. Those who manage or work in national research infrastructure facilities and projects, as well as researchers who benefit from them, may have a particular interest in being part of the 2021 Roadmap.

How can I participate in the 2021 Roadmap?2021-06-03T22:29:26+00:00

A variety of consultation activities will be scheduled in coming months. To be sure you have the very latest information about upcoming events, subscribe to our mailing list.

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I have written a submission. How do I send it?2021-06-30T10:10:44+00:00

In the past, submissions have been one of the main ways for stakeholders to contribute their thinking to the Roadmap. This year we have created an online process, supplemented where possible with face to face meetings, to help pre-empt any issues with Covid-19 related border closures.

In the months ahead, you will be invited to share your input via online brainstorms called Ideas Jams, and facilitated meetings. If you have already drafted a submission, there will be opportunity for you to share this at different points in the consultation process. For more information on those opportunities, please subscribe to our e-newsletter.

We will be asking stakeholders to make submissions in response to the Exposure Draft after it is published later this year. Those submissions can be lodged on the website via a page that will be added at the relevant time.

What is NCRIS?2021-05-05T01:43:20+00:00

In Australia, NCRIS stands for National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy. NCRIS underpins the excellence of the Australian research community through the national network of research infrastructure. The facilities and projects supported by NCRIS drive research of national and global importance.

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