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Be part of an online brainstorm

As part of the online consultation process, the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap team hosted a number of collaborative brainstorming activities, called ‘Ideas Jams’.

Ideas Jams took place online over a series of days, and were focussed on a specific question or ‘challenge’. Participants were able to share their own ideas, as well as read and contribute to ideas put forward by others.

All Ideas Jams are now closed. Thank you to all those who posted, commented and voted.


Enabling better collaboration with industry

National research infrastructure (NRI) drives research excellence and has potential to play a greater role in encouraging strong industry and research partnerships. How can we improve Australia’s research translation and commercialisation further by harnessing underpinning capabilities?

Working together, our research and industry sectors drive increases in innovation and productivity that produce social and economic benefits for all of us. To further strengthen this relationship, the Terms of Reference for the 2021 NRI Roadmap includes a call to identify more opportunities to improve collaboration between the research and industry sectors, particularly for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

In our June survey, we asked respondents to tell us what was standing in the way of better collaboration between research and industry. A number of barriers were identified, including:

  • limited understanding of what NRI can provide to industry
  • concerns around standardisation and intellectual property
  • cultural differences between the research and industry sectors.

In the Ideas Jam on Enabling better collaboration with industry, we brainstormed how NRI can play a greater role in encouraging industry and research partnerships for the benefit of Australia. Over 475 research and industry stakeholders took part, and more than 80 ideas were shared. The ideas generated will be shared with the Expert Working Group, and will provide valuable input into the development of the 2021 Roadmap Exposure Draft.

The Ideas Jam on Enabling better collaboration with industry is now closed, however registered users can still access the Ideas Jam to explore the ideas and commentary.

Ideas Jams FAQs

What is an Ideas Jam?2021-01-11T09:41:01+00:00

An Ideas Jam is a collaborative brainstorming activity. All Ideas Jams for the 2021 Roadmap will take place online, over a period of days.

What is a ‘challenge’?2021-01-11T09:41:33+00:00

Each Ideas Jam will focus on a specific question, scenario or theme. These are collectively referred to as ‘challenges’. All the challenges that are currently running are featured on the Active Challenges [LINK] page.

How do I join an Ideas Jam?2021-08-10T10:48:56+00:00

To join an Ideas Jam, you will need to be a registered user of the 2021 Roadmap Ideas Jam platform.

  • If you were involved in the NCRIS community brainstorm in February, then you are already a registered user. 
  • If you weren’t involved in that brainstorm and you’re not yet registered, head to the platform to create an account so we can give you access. We recommend you use your first and last name as your ‘display name’ so your colleagues can find you and tag you in their conversations. 

When each new Ideas Jam begins, we’ll email a link to all registered users, with instructions on how to take part. 

How do I post an idea?2021-01-16T09:55:33+00:00

If you’ve ever posted to Facebook or Twitter, then you’re unlikely to have any issues posting your ideas to the Ideas Jam platform. Just follow these steps.

  • STEP 1: Go to the Ideas Jam platform and select the challenge you want to post an idea in. You can do that either by clicking on the relevant challenge in the homepage carousel, or by navigating to the Active Challenges page and clicking on the challenge there. (If it’s your first Ideas Jam, you’ll be prompted to create an account on the platform first.)
  • STEP 2: Read the brief. You’ll see a few lines of text at the top of the challenge page that describe exactly what we’re asking, and what we’re trying to achieve in this challenge. There may also be links to relevant reading material.
  • STEP 3: Post an idea. Immediately under the brief you’ll see the ‘Post an Idea’ button. Click on that and the submissions window will open up. Just type your responses into the fields provided. You can also add an image to illustrate your idea, and other attachments if you want to.
  • STEP 4: Publish your idea. When you’re ready, hit the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom of the submissions window. All ideas will be briefly reviewed by the 2021 Roadmap Team, so there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before you can see your idea on the challenge page. Note that you don’t have to complete the whole submission in one sitting. You can save drafts as you go, and then hit the ‘Publish’ button when you’re ready to share your idea.

If you have any questions about how to access or use the Ideas Jam platform, just get in touch with The Friday Collective at

Can I read other people’s ideas?2021-01-11T09:59:45+00:00

Absolutely! All the ideas that have been posted in a challenge are visible at the bottom of the challenge page. Just scroll down and click into any ideas you want to read in full.

Why does the Ideas Jam platform invite comments?2021-01-11T10:00:20+00:00

Commenting on other people’s ideas might just be the most important part of the Ideas Jam. By commenting, you’re showing your support for an idea and helping us to identify themes that are of interest right across the research community. You can also help develop an idea by providing a different perspective, revealing a new opportunity, pointing to other useful and relevant, and tagging other people who you think could provide valuable input.

How do I comment on other people’s ideas?2021-01-11T10:00:33+00:00

You’ll find the comments box at the bottom of each idea page. You can type in your comments, upload additional files, and also tag other users to encourage them to take a look at the idea and add their thoughts. (Tagging other users will expand the conversation and can really help push the development of an idea.) When you’re ready, just click on the ‘Post’ button.

How do I tag people in comments?2021-01-16T23:14:11+00:00

Tagging is easy. Just start typing the username of the person you want to reach into the field labelled ‘@ Notify individual users’, and the platform will display all similar usernames – just click on the one you want. Tagging people you think might be interested in an idea, or who can provide some valuable input, can really help push the development of an idea.

We recommend that you use your first and last name as your Display Name so that your fellow brainstormers can find you and tag you in their conversations. You can change your Display Name by editing your profile in the Our Community page.

Who are the moderators of the Ideas Jam?2021-01-16T01:49:56+00:00

The moderators of each challenge are listed on the challenge page, at the bottom of the brief. Usually, there will be a minimum of four moderators for each challenge: two from the 2021 Roadmap Taskforce and two from The Friday Collective (the digital communications agency engaged by DESE to build and manage consultation platforms for the 2021 Roadmap).

How can I send a private message to the moderators?2021-01-11T10:01:13+00:00

Once you’ve published an idea, scroll down to the comments box at the bottom of the page and click on the tab labelled ‘Moderators and Authors’. You and the challenge moderators can exchange private messages here. Any comments that you want to be publicly visible should be posted in the tab labelled ‘Public’.

What happens next?2021-01-12T21:27:35+00:00

All the ideas published on the Ideas Jam platform will be reviewed by the 2021 Roadmap Expert Working Group, and will inform the development of the Exposure Draft of the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap. Some ideas, or groups of ideas, may be discussed in more detail in future Virtual Events.

Are the Ideas Jams the only way I can have my say?2021-01-16T01:51:35+00:00

No, not at all. Ideas Jams are just one of the ways we will be engaging with you throughout 2021.Take a look at the 2021 Roadmap website to see all the different ways you can get involved.

Who can I contact for help?2021-01-16T01:54:47+00:00

If you have any questions about how to access or use the Ideas Jam platform, please get in touch with The Friday Collective at

If you have any questions relating to the goals and processes of the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, please get in touch with the 2021 Roadmap Taskforce at

How can I send a private message to another community member?2021-01-16T01:50:37+00:00

You can communicate privately with other community members using your personal Messaging inbox. Head to the Our Community page to access your profile, then choose the Messaging tab to read and send your messages.

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