Community feedback on Scoping Studies

The 2021 NRI Roadmap consultation process provides an opportunity to continue to respond to the research infrastructure areas identified in the 2016 Roadmap as requiring scoping work or further investigation.

The Government agreed to conduct eight Scoping Studies. Two of these were shared as discussion papers with the research community and its stakeholders for review and feedback: the National Environmental Prediction System (NEPS) Scoping Study and the Precision Measurement Scoping Study.

Submissions in response to the two Scoping Study discussion papers are now closed. Thank you to those who provided feedback.

Discussion paper: Precision Measurement Scoping Study

Providing a multifaceted platform for precision measurement research and its translation into industry.

Now closed

Discussion paper: National Environmental Prediction System (NEPS) Scoping Study

Providing organisational infrastructure for the synchronisation of environmental research for predictive purposes.

Now closed

What progress has been made on the other Scoping Studies?

After the 2016 Roadmap, the Government agreed to conduct eight scoping studies.

Three scoping studies were completed and pilots funded in the 2020 Research Infrastructure Investment Plan. These included:

  • The enhanced ACCESS-NRI – transforming the existing Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) to improve Australia’s weather, climate and earth system modelling capability.
  • Synthetic biology – to establish a national synthetic biology research infrastructure capability (BioFoundry) that will increase automation and improve timeframes of products to market.
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) and Indigenous eResearch tools and platforms – to improve the way researchers discover, access, curate and analyse social, cultural, heritage and Indigenous data

A fourth scoping study on National Environmental Prediction Systems (NEPS) was conducted over 2018 to 2020 but was not completed in time for consideration in the 2020 investment plan. The NEPS Scoping Study has been included here for your review and feedback.

Four further scoping activities were identified in 2016: Precision Measurement, High Performance Compute, Biobanking and Biosecurity. The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has undertaken some initial exploration of these four areas.

Like the NEPS Scoping Study, the Precision Measurement Scoping Study is further progressed and has been included here for your review and feedback.

There are no specific recommendations relating to Biobanking and Biosecurity at this stage however, there are initiatives across Commonwealth, State and Territory governments that require further exploration to determine if there is a need to for either or both to be considered as part of the 2021 NRI Roadmap. As a result, consultation will initially be undertaken with Commonwealth, State and Territory government agencies to understand the broader ecosystem.