2021 Roadmap Consultation Resources

The 2021 Roadmap Team has made a range of resources available to stakeholders to support their informed participation in the 2021 Roadmap Consultations.

Industry Engagement Issues Paper

The 2021 Roadmap Team produced an Issues Paper on Industry Engagement to help stimulate discussion in the Ideas Jam on Enabling better collaboration with industry.

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Discussion paper: Precision Measurement Scoping Study

A discussion paper on providing a multifaceted platform for precision measurement research and its translation into industry.

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Discussion paper: National Environmental Prediction System (NEPS) Scoping Study

A discussion paper on providing organisational infrastructure for the synchronisation of environmental research for predictive purposes.

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2021 Roadmap Consultation Reports

In June 2021, almost 3,000 people completed the 2021 NRI Roadmap Survey. The survey was built to collect a broad cross-section of views from stakeholders across a range of disciplines, sectors, and organisations. Key findings from the survey will be shared here in a series of reports.

Industry Findings

Insights into what industry needs from national research infrastructure (NRI); how and why industry is using NRI; and the barriers and enablers of collaboration between research and industry.

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2016 Roadmap Reports

In 2016, an Expert Working Group led by Dr Alan Finkel AO, then Australia’s Chief Scientist, consulted with the research community nationally to develop a set of recommendations for Australia’s ongoing support of national research infrastructure. These consultations were the starting point for a number of important reports and plans.

2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

The final report on national research infrastructure priorities identified in the 2016 Roadmap.

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Facilities for the Future: Underpinning Australia’s Research and Innovation

The Government’s 2018 Research Infrastructure Investment Plan responded to the priorities of the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap.

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2020 Research Infrastructure Investment Plan

Documenting the Government’s support for national research Infrastructure facilities, and its investment in the emerging research priorities identified in the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap.

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